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The parisian link bracelet

L'atelier Ursul launch its new label “Le Lacet Parisien”.

This bracelets offers you a colourful cocktail, a crossover between a chain bracelet and a Brazilian bracelet."Le Lacet PARISIEN".

Why Parisian?

Because Paris will always be the city of lovers and haute couture, of savoir-faire and fine cuisine.

Because it is Parisian, the silver- or gold-finished metal plate is stamped with a discreet image of the Tour Eiffel. The length of the lace, 89 cm, is an allusion to this famous monument inaugurated in 1889, and means it can be wound several times around the wrist. The label offers the possibility of making the bracelet unique, by customising the plate with the loving word of one’s choice. Once tied around the wrist, the Lacet Parisien, this authentic bracelet Made in Paris, is the perfect gift that reminds us at every moment of the ties that unite us to each other.

Paris, an eternal love story ..